Sunday, 11 September 2011

Support Local Football (or Soccer as you may...)

This is a new blog that I've decided to start on a total lark.  I've been a big proponent of the recent resurgence of the "Support Local Football" movement.  What began as a grassroots movement hit it big with discussions on the Canadian Soccer News site and eventually led to the "Support Local Football" video below.  The video was filmed at The Football Factory in Toronto with a combination of supporters, media personalities, and players showing their support for the beautiful game at all levels:

The combination of these things, along with my recent last minute (bought my ticket the day before the match) trip down to Toronto to watch the Canadian Men's National Team play against St Lucia in a World Cup Qualifier led me to begin considering putting something like this together.

My initial focus will be on local games and events, including the local universities (Queen's University and RMC), the local college (St Lawrence College), and any local teams (whether local leagues or wider area), and I hope to expand from there, hopefully with other people writing about their local leagues, teams, or otherwise.

Any and all comments are welcome, and I'll try to respond to everything I can.

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