Monday, 24 March 2014

CSL to bring litigation against the CSA

CSL Chairman and President, Vincent Ursini appeared on Sunday morning's International Sports Report program on TSN 1050 this week to discuss the de-sanctioning of the Canadian Soccer League by the Canadian Soccer Association and their plans moving forward.

The interview came at the tail end of the program and was brief in nature, beginning at about the 1:23:00 mark. In it, Ursini briefly discussed the events of the CSA's expelling the CSL as a member and that the CSL has launched litigation against the CSA to appeal the situation, using the same legal firm as when they appealed the de-sanctioning in 2013.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Canadian Soccer League website back online, CSL response

Earlier this week, the website of the Canadian Soccer League went entirely offline and the domain became unavailable.

As of late yesterday afternoon, the Canadian Soccer League brought the site back online, though with a number of broken links, at a slightly altered address,

Stan Adamson, Director of Media and PR for the CSL, responded to my inquiries on the matter, laying out the plans for the future of the CSL online.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Canadian Soccer League website vanished? Sanctioning?

At some point on Monday morning, the Canadian Soccer League's website disappeared from the internet, domain name and all.

There were some technical glitches with the site last week as their news feed disappeared a couple of times and their database of news, press releases, and statistics vanished, but nothing as surprising as the domain name no longer existing.

CSL: Kingston FC 2014 roster

This past week, Kingston FC announced their roster for the upcoming 2014 CSL season.

The announcement was held in the Queen's Alumni Lounge at the ARC and was presented by main owner Lorne Abugov and three returning players, Joe Zupo (ex-Queen's University captain), Guillaume Surot (CSL 2013 MVP and Golden Boot winner), and Ryan McCurdy (Kingston FC veteran since year one).