Friday, 7 October 2011

World Cup Qualifying: Canada 7, St. Lucia 0

Tonight, Canada played in St. Lucia at the Beausejour Cricket Field. The game was not televised, but Canada took control of the game early, and the (approximately) 25 Canadians there outnumbered the 200 St. Lucian supporters.

The game was streamed over the internet with commentary by Max Bell and RedNation Online's Gavin Day. Due to a complete and utter lack of television highlights, I decided to interpret the commentary and present a brief highlight package using... puppets.

Yes. Puppets. So, read on for "Fables from Canada's trip to Fraggle Lucia."

Enjoy, and have a good laugh. If that's possible!

A downloadable copy of the match recording is now available too. Commentary by Max Bell and Gavin Day (of RedNation Online):