Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fix the CSL - Matchfixing in Canada (Updated)

Last May, Canadian Soccer News posted a story about match fixing going on around the world, including mentions of two CSL teams, Trois Rivier├Ęs and Toronto Croatia.

This Wednesday, September 12th, CBC will be airing a report by investigative reporter Diana Swain on The National (10pm ET on CBC, 9 and 11pm ET on CBC News Network).  According to the press release, this report will look at a German gang responsible for match fixing in games around the world and will reveal wiretap evidence of a fixed CSL game in Trois Rivier├Ęs, Quebec.

This documentary will be followed up with columns in the Metro newspapers, stories on CBCNews.ca, CanadianSoccerNews and other locations.  As the press release states:
Why would anyone want to fix a CSL game? Who took the bribes? Who reaped the windfall? And how did they—almost—get away with it?
Match fixing is a big business, and Canadian Declan Hill's book, The Fix, goes into a great amount of detail as to how this all works. He also runs a blog that discusses ongoing issues around the world.

Update: The schedule of the stories about this issue can be found online now.

Further update: CBC News is reporting confirmation the match above having been fixed.

Final update: The video story is available online, along with a detailed article

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