Tuesday, 20 November 2012

News: Further delays on the Kingston Westbrook dome

Over the past couple of years since the Westbrook Dome project began, a number of delays have hit along the way, unfortunately.

The first news came in early May that things were delayed up with construction of the new dome at the Westbrook Golf Club. Then, it was late August, and now... another round of delays.

Read the full email after the jump.

The email stated (in full):
We sincerely regret to inform you that the winter season in the dome will in all probability be postponed. While excavation is near completion  and we have hydro, water and natural gas hooked in at the site. We are ready to pour cement for footings for the building and for the beam for the dome- but we do not yet have the building permit to start construction.

We are still negotiating with the city on a fire suppression system. The requirements that they have set for the facility seem extreme considering that Farley group constructed domes, including the one at RMC down town and the one we have ordered, are designed with non-flammable materials, and are non combustible. Farley Group does not recommend additional fire security measures or suppression systems. However the safety of the citizens of Kingston is a priority and of course we are cooperating. The cost of the city's proposal is excessive and a compromise must be reached to keep your rates reasonable. Our architect is working on alternatives that will be presented and hopefully approved. We will continue work on the site as weather permits and building permits are issued.

We know how much you have been anticipating playing in our dome and we really appreciate your continued patience.

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