Monday, 6 May 2013

Dome news! But not where you expected...

EMC Kingston published a story at the end of last week discussing the new dome going up in the Kingston area that will be ready to go by October 1.

Of course, the twist to the story is that this dome will be near Amherstview (corner of Taylor-Kidd Boulevard and Wilton Road, near the GKSSA's Barr Homes Soccerplex) rather than at Westbrook.

The dome will be 300 feet by 200 feet and stand 60 feet tall and located in the Loyalist East Business Park, costing close to 3.2 million dollars all told.

Early news posts the rates at $180 an hour for peak times and $100 an hour for off-peak times. Robert Boucher of Bath is one of the driving forces behind the project and has been in contact with local football organizations, has hired a golf pro to run a golf school in the dome, and has discussed activities with Loyalist Township clubs and groups.

Read the full story in the EMC Kingston.

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