Thursday, 2 May 2013

Kingston FC schedule released, first game this Sunday!

Kingston FC held a press conference at Richardson Stadium on the Queen's West Campus this afternoon where they announced their schedule for the season in the Canadian Soccer League. Co-owner and president, Joe Scanlon stated that the team was aiming for a top three finish, while fellow co-owner and chairman Lorne Abugov corrected him, suggesting that they were aiming for a top-two spot.

Kingston FC opens their season this Sunday, May 5 with a home game against Brampton City United, with the first division team kicking off at 1pm and the reserve game kicking off at 3:15pm at the West Campus turf field.
There will be 12 teams in the CSL's first division this year and 9 in the reserve division. Kingston FC's plan is to play those players who were unable to play in the first division game in the reserve game that follows. The schedule is heavily front-loaded with home games, with seven home games out of their first ten games, while the season finished with eight of twelve games on the road.

Kingston FC home games will be played primarily on Sunday afternoons at the Queen's West Campus turf field with the first team kicking off at 1pm and the reserve game at 3:15pm. There are three exceptions to this, the first being the weekend of June 1st/2nd when they will be playing on Saturday evening at 5pm and 7:15pm against Niagara United in order to take advantage of the Kingston Outdoor Senior Soccer Tournament taking place that same weekend. The second and third are on the weekends of the Cataraqui Clippers Ambassador Cup Tournament on the weekends of July 6th/7th (Girls) and 20th/21st (Boys) when they will be playing Saturday evening at 5:00pm and 7:15pm against Toronto Croatia and the Serbian White Eagles respectively.

Kingston FC plans to have a small canteen available for most games and will also have merchandise available at the games.

The first team schedule is as follows (home games in bold):

May 5v Brampton City United1:00pmQueen's West Campus
May 12at Toronto Croatia8:00pmCentennial Stadium
May 19v Burlington SC1:00pmQueen's West Campus
May 26at Astros Vasas8:00pmEsther Shiner Stadium
Jun 1v Niagara United5:00pmQueen's West Campus
Jun 9v Windsor Stars1:00pmQueen's West Campus
Jun 16v London City1:00pmQueen's West Campus
Jun 23at Brampton City United8:00pmVictoria Park
Jun 30v St Catharines Roma Wolves1:00pmQueen's West Campus
Jul 6v Toronto Croatia5:00pmQueen's West Campus
Jul 13at Windsor Stars7:00pmWindsor Stadium
Jul 20v Serbian White Eagles5:00pmQueen's West Campus
Jul 27at St Catharines Roma Wolves8:00pmKiwanis Field
Aug 11v SC Waterloo1:00pmQueen's West Campus
Aug 17at Niagara United8:00pmKalar Sports Park
Aug 25v Astros Vasas1:00pmQueen's West Campus
Aug 30at London City8:00pmHellenic Community Centre
Sep 15at SC Waterloo8:00pmWarrior Field Waterloo
Sep 20at Serbian White Eagles8:00pmCentennial Stadium
Sep 22v York Region Shooters1:00pmQueen's West Campus
Sep 29at Burlington SC8:00pmNelson Stadium
Oct 6at York Region Shooters6:30pmSt Joan of Arc

While the reserve team's schedule is a shorter one, and is as follows:
May 5v Brampton City United3:15pmQueen's West Campus
May 25at Toronto Croatia5:00pmHershey Turf Field
Jun 1v Niagara United7:15pmQueen's West Campus
Jun 16v London City3:15pmQueen's West Campus
Jun 23at Brampton City United3:00pmVictoria Park
Jun 30v St Catharines Roma Wolves3:15pmQueen's West Campus
Jul 6v Toronto Croatia7:15pmQueen's West Campus
Jul 20v Serbian White Eagles7:15pmQueen's West Campus
Jul 27at St Catharines Roma Wolves6:00pmKiwanis Field
Aug 11v SC Waterloo3:15pmQueen's West Campus
Aug 17at Niagara United4:00pmKalar Sports Park
Aug 24at Serbian White Eagles7:00pmEglinton Flats
Aug 31at London City5:30pmHellenic Community Centre
Sep 7at SC Waterloo5:00pmBudd Park
Sep 22v York Region Shooters3:15pmQueen's West Campus
Oct 6at York Region Shooters4:00pmSt Joan of Arc

Kingston FC will also be playing two split-squad exhibition games against the Ottawa Fury on Tuesday, May  7th and Wednesday, May 8th, both at West Campus. Tuesday's game kicks off at 4pm and Wednesday's kicks off at 4:30pm.

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