Saturday, 16 March 2013

OCAA and OUA response on student-athlete eligibility

As a followup to the recent stories about the CSA's de-sanctioning of the CSL David Rowaan of SoccerWire Ontario spent a fair bit of time recently talking with officials in the OUAA, OUA, and CIS trying to get a firm handle on their stances on student-athlete eligibility if they took part in the upcoming 2013 CSL season.

The culmination of this work resulted in an article posted this morning on SoccerWire Ontario.

Some quick highlights include:

  • the apparent lack of awareness from officials of these organizations about the recent events involving the CSA and CSL, suggesting that they've never dealt with such a similar situation as regards soccer,
  • both the OUA and OCAA are hedging their bets as to what will occur, but both are currently saying that student-athletes should have no eligibility issues if they take part in the upcoming 2013 CSL season, but both organizations admitted that could change, depending on how the situation unfolds, and
  • the CSL views the CSA's de-sanctioning decision as not having been a legally made decision, stating that the CSA's by-laws dictate that such a decision can only be made with a 75% majority vote at a General Meeting.
Overall, some promising news for student-athletes hoping to take part in the upcoming CSL season, despite the recent events.

I'll continue to try to keep abreast of any further events and changes regarding this ongoing situation.

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