Friday, 24 August 2012

RMC 2012 CIS Schedule

The RMC OUA schedule was released a few weeks ago, and features an opening weekend matchup at local rivals Queen's University on September 2nd.

This Sunday afternoon, the RMC women face Algonquin College at RMC, and then will play the St Lawrence College women this coming Wednesday at 5pm, also at RMC.

The full RMC schedule is as follows (games in bold at home):

Sep 2at Queen's12:00pm2:15pm
Sep 8at Toronto1:00pm3:15pm
Sep 9at Ryerson1:00pm3:15pm
Sep 14v Ottawa7:00pm
Sep 16at Trent1:00pm3:15pm
Sep 19v Carleton6:00pm8:15pm
Sep 22v Laurentian12:00pm2:15pm
Sep 23v Nipissing12:00pm2:15pm
Sep 26at Ottawa7:00pm
Sep 29v Queen's1:00pm3:15pm
Oct 6v Ryerson1:00pm3:15pm
Oct 7v Toronto1:00pm3:15pm
Oct 13at Laurentian12:00pm2:15pm
Oct 14at Nipissing12:00pm2:15pm
Oct 20v Trent1:00pm3:15pm
Oct 21at Carleton1:00pm3:15pm

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